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Nude beach trips from Phuket - Langkawi: 7-days and 6-nights with all meals included

You want a secluded clothing optional beach in paradise? We can you get there.

HOT BuOYS Sailing has planned 10 different 7-day adventure sailing trips that sail between Phuket Thailand and Langkawi Malaysia. December 2018 till March 2019.

Ten adventures to pick from:
Date trip begins and ends. All prices USD. 

December 1-7, 2018,  Phuket to Langkawi $640 Full no spots left
December 10-16, 2018, Langkawi to Phuket $975 Full no spots left
December 20-26, 2018, Phuket to Langkawi $1175 3 Spots left
January 1-7, 2019, Langkawi to Phuket $1175 6 Spots left
January 10-16, 2019, Phuket to Langkawi $1175 6 Spots left
January 19-25, 2019, Langkawi to Phuket $975 4 Spots left
February 1-7, 2019, Phuket to Langkawi $975 3 Spots left
February 10-16, 2019, Langkawi to Phuket $975 8 Spots left
February 19-25, 2019, Phuket to Langkawi $975 8 Spots left
March 1-7, 2019, Langkawi to Phuket $975 6 Spots left

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Each trip is hosted by husbands Captain Philip and Captain Noli aboard their big sailing yacht. Philip is the guy holding the rope.

Captain Philip has been living aboard his yacht for many years. He has crossed the Pacific and visited Thailand several times.  

It is his job to make sure your trip is a safe one. Feel free to ask any questions. Captain Philip loves to teach so inquisitive minds are appreciated.

Meeting Location in Phuket:
Each trip either begins or ends at Ao Chalong Pier in Phuket. Every cab driver at the airport knows where it is. Here is an satellite view of the pier. Notice the circular building at the end of the pier. 

Detailed Schedules:

Route: Phuket to Langkawi Malaysia*
  • Day 1: Arrive in Phuket by 11:30 am and take a taxi or Grab Car to Ao Chalong Pier. Meet at the end of the pier in the large building at 2:00 pm for immigration checkout. After dinner on shore, we will transfer to the vessel using a traditional Thai long boat. Dinner is included.  
  • Day 2: Day sail to a remote group of islands about 60 nautical miles away. We will arrive just near sunset and when the day tourists have to head back. This means we will likely have the beach and snorkeling all to ourselves. Admission to this park area is included.
  • Day 3: Day sail to an even more remote island group about another 46 nautical miles away. This is way too far for tourists from Phuket to reach and a much larger island group. Therefore, we are almost certain to have beaches entirely to ourselves. We just simply select the more remote beaches for our enjoyment.  
  • Day 4: Remote beaches, snorkeling, and just plain relaxing!  On the nights of day 3 and day 4 will anchor in an area closer to a few small resorts if you decide you want to venture to shore. 
  • Day 5: Short day sail to Langkawi 
  • Day 6: Immigration check-in and optional trip to Langkawi SkyCab and SkyBridge. Admission included. Dinner on shore.  
  • Day 7: Final good byes and trip to Langkawi airport. If you like, you might also book the return trip with us back to Phuket. Langkawi airport has direct flights to Phuket, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok. 

Route: Langkawi Malaysia* to Phuket
  • Day 1: Arrive in Langkawi by 12:30 am and take a taxi or Grab Car to the Langkawi SkyCab. Please arrive by 3:00 pm so we can get to the top of the SkyBridge by sunset. A crew member will watch your bags so you won't have to bring them along. After sunset we head to Kuah town for dinner and then board the vessel. Admission fees and dinner is included.
  • Day 2: Immigration checkout and then a day sail to a remote island group. We should arrive just before sunset and may be able to still get some beach time in. 
  • Day 3: The entire day is devoted to finding the perfect remote beaches and best snorkeling spots in this island group. During the evening of day 2 and 3 it may also be possible to go to shore to the small resort area if you like. 
  • Day 4: Day sail to a different island group closer to Phuket. Again we should arrive just before sunset and the day tourists should be departing leaving the place largely to ourselves.
  • Day 5: Is a spare day. If the winds are good, we may be able to use this day in either island group. If the winds are difficult, we may use this day for travel time. 
  • Day 6: Day sail to Phuket and arrival should be around sunset. 
  • Day 7: Immigration check in at Ao Chalong Pier. Check in should be completed by 11:00 am. Please make any departure flights from Phuket after 3:00 pm to allow sufficient time to get to the airport. 
*Malaysia visa on arrival or visa in advance may be necessary depending on the country you are from. Israeli passport holders are not allowed entry into Malaysia and a few other countries are not allowed entry by sea.  

Inclusions: Vessel, fuel, port fees, marine national park admission, linens, meals and snacks. 

Exclusions: Travel to and from vessel and alcohol are not included. You may bring alcohol aboard and drink in moderation. 

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Vessel specifications, photos, and crew details

Trip Philippines to Phuket Thailand Fall 2018

Contact Philip and Noli: Call or text using WhatsApp +6309157879364,  Google Hangouts Free Call, Facebook Instant Messenger Philip.Maise  To E-Mail use form at bottom of this page.  
Thailand Cell +66 0626 09431