Friday, May 10, 2002

Gay resort Phuket clothing optional beach policy

Gay men tend to enjoy a trip to the nude beach aka a clothing optional beach. There is just something about being able to shake the bonds of clothing. A valid question you might have is nudity in Thailand legal? 

If you stumbled upon this page and are hoping to find lots of pictures of nude guys, sorry to disappoint you. At best we are able to show you 1/2 nude guys on our page Hot Boys that have sailed on HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel

Captain Philip's husband 1/2 nude at the beach
Despite the fact you might find Thai go-go dancers in bars in Patong Beach dancing naked on the stage, it doesn't mean they are doing it legally. Instead they are doing it out of the public eye and no one seems to be complaining. Here is a link to an article in the Bangkok Post on the subject.

This means that nudity on a public beach in Phuket that can be reached by foot is certainly not possible.

However, the whole point of our trip is to take you to a beach I already visited many times. The island this beach is on is unpopulated. Further, I spotted just a handful of vessels that could be seen from a great distance. 

Therefore, I think we can allow you at this point to answer your own question. If you are taken by boat to this very remote beach, are the only one there, and can see anyone approach... 

Nudity Policy aboard Vessel:

The trips are clothing optional. This means you may or may not be nude according to your choice. However, if you remain dressed when other people aboard are nude, some guys may consider this to be rude.  Nudity is acceptable anytime there are no other people in sight. This will be the great majority of time. 

Note: Please be aware hired crew members are present to help make the trip enjoyable by cooking and cleaning. They are not there for your entertainment. 

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Captain Philip and Noli
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